• Product name:

    Ductile Iron Gully Grate

  • Summary Info: The nodular cast iron manhole cover, manhole frame and grate seat shall be placed in place when the concrete at the bottom of the manhole frame and grate frame is not solidified.
  • Classification: Ductile Iron Gully Grate

Characteristics of nodular iron rainwater grates:
1, Long life: corrosion resistant, maintenance free and available for more than 50 years.
2, bearing capacity: bearing capacity far exceeds other products, large bearing pressure, prevent breaking, vehicle falling and other safety accidents.
3, anti-theft: ordinary anti-theft design, new anti-theft design, manhole cover and well ring using high strength bolt connection, integrated design.
4, anti-hop cover: the grates adopts anti-proof rubber ring so that the vehicle has no noise when passing and meets the environmental protection requirements.
Good safety: manhole grate and manhole frame closely combined, will not produce jumping, seesaw, displacement and other phenomena, no noise, safe and reliable.